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What Are The Sochi Olympics Warning Us About?

To give you a bit of background on the modern Olympic games, it should first be said that they were revived by a famous Freemason by the name of Baron Pierre de Coubertin. He wished to revive the classical Hellenistic Olympiad in an attempt to unify the participant nations at the time (Australia, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States of America), in a grand-scale international sporting competition. He fashioned the five-ring logo and flag after the common flag colors of the original 14 countries (including the white background), and to represent the 5 continents of participating nations. Blue for Europe, yellow for Asia, black for Africa, green for Oceania and red for America. Seems a bit racist, no? Pierre de Coubertin’s Masonic roots are immortalized in his statue at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park, USA:


In this monument, the sacred stepped Egyptian pyramid is referenced in the form of a Masonic structure with 3 steps (like the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut that Bruno Mars honored, during his XLVIII Super Bowl performance). The 3 steps symbolize the ancient Three Steps/Craft Degrees of Masonry: Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Masons. We see de Coubertin ascending to the second step, which implies he has fulfilled his Apprenticeship Degree. The Apprentice Degree is symbolized by ascension, orientation toward the Light, development of the Craft to spiritual manhood, and the building of character to improve society and to perfect human nature. These traits were all present in his quest to unite the world in a peaceful celebration of human perfection, based upon the ancient rituals and mystery religions of the Olympiad. The two columns on either side of Pierre de Coubertin stand for the Masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin, which are appropriated from the two pillars in the Temple of Solomon, and are present in every Masonic Lodge today. Doves above de Coubertin’s five-ring vesica piscis logo symbolize peace, while embodying the crucial Freemason aim towards purity and divinity. Note that there are 7 doves and 5 rings, which add up to the sacred ancient number of 12. The J.J. Crowder Masonic Lodge website states: “…the number twelve denoted completion.  This sign arose from the twelve signs of the Zodiac being a complete circle and the twelve edges of the cube being a symbol of the earth.  The number twelve denoted fulfillment of a deed, and was therefore an emblem of human life.” Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry describes the number twelve’s revered significance as both spiritual, and as “being composed of the mystical numbers 7 + 5 or of 3 x 4, the triad multiplied by the quaternion, a number of considerable value in ancient systems.” These numbers are crucial in Illuminati and Occult symbolism as well, which have been examined in previous posts. Baron Pierre de Coubertin removes his hat, and ascends to the final Master Third Degree, to honor the completion of his life’s ambition, and to forever influence international ritualistic sports with Masonic icons.

What’s so bad about all that?

Unfortunately — thanks to the Masonic origin of modern Olympics — the summer and winter Olympic games have begun to exhibit more-than-flagrant Illuminati and Masonic symbols. This is not meant to confuse Illuminati with Freemasonry, as the two are different, and do not always intertwine. Not all Masons are Illuminati members, as not all Illuminati practice Freemasonry. Masons tend to believe themselves the keepers of ancient elitist, patriarchal traditions, and claim to rule the esoteric secrets to ultimate and divine power. The Illuminati usually personify globalist idealists, political puppet masters, corporations, banks, industries, they are even believed to practice Occult/Luciferian rites, and mind control techniques. However, both play crucial roles in the shaping of our world’s economic, social and cultural future; so, their combined symbolism often permeates popular media, sports, politics and entertainment.

To revisit some Illuminati and Masonic Olympic imagery: the Athens 2004 mascots were pyramid-looking dolls, and embodied Masonic wisdom and superiority as Athena, as well as the Illuminati idea of Apollo’s enlightenment, as Phevos. Turin’s 2006 mascots, Neve and Gliz, were blue and red encoded Masonic symbols of “squaring the circle.” The 2008 Beijing Fuwa “good luck dolls” mascots were tied to a series of sinister superstitions and natural disasters in China; and became known as Wuwa, meaning “witch dolls.” Recall the London 2012 Olympic mascots? They were essentially billboards for Illuminati mind-controlled duality and Big Brother surveillance in England, as Wikipedia explained: “Their skins are made of highly polished steel allowing them to reflect the personalities and appearances of the people they meet. Their one eye is a camera…”   The Vancouver 2010 mascots resembled three-horned hybrid-mutant abominations, rather than the very spiritual First Nations deities they were supposed to portray.

This year’s Olympic mascots are a bear, a leopard, and a hare; and some speculate the bear resembles the current ruling government’s mascot, the United Russian Party. The leopard is symbolic of “cat” programming, and Occult imagery; whereas the hare embodies a “trickster” and the idea to “follow the white rabbit” down the rabbit hole. Subliminal messaging to inspire patriotism, political allegiance, and blind trust in the “trickster” government are not a far stretch, considering the multitude of Illuminati symbols in other sporting events. Accidental “glitches” are also not an uncommon sight at multimillion dollar productions like the Olympics. However, after having examined the prevalence of Illuminati and Masonic symbolism during major sporting events, I find it hard to believe that “glitches” are simply accidents. The Olympic opening ceremonies are a worldwide television event, which creates the unique opportunity for TPTB to publicize their NWO agenda. The “epic fails” of Sochi’s Olympic ceremony have been top trends on social media since the opening on Friday, February 7th, 2014. The 2010 winter Olympics ceremony in Vancouver experienced a similar mishap, as a giant metal pillar malfunctioned, lighting only 4 flames, rather than 5. Interestingly, the pillars did not fail to form a giant pyramid with a three-horned fiery facade (another Illuminati Baphomet sign). As participants in white enclosed it, they recreated the sacred Masonic principle of “squaring the circle.”


According to Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry: “Four is the tetrad or Quaternary of the Pythagoreans, and it is a sacred number in the advanced Degrees. The Pythagoreans called it a perfect number, and hence it has been adopted as a sacred number in the Degree of Perfect Master. […] Among the Pythagoreans, five was a mystical number, because it was formed by the union of the first even number and the first odd, rejecting unity; and hence it symbolized the mixed conditions of order and disorder, happiness and misfortune, life and death. The same union of the odd and even, or male and female, numbers made it the symbol of marriage. […] it was the symbol of their quintessence, the fifth or highest essence of power in a natural body. In Freemasonry, five is a sacred number, inferior only in importance to three and seven. It is especially significant in the Fellow Craft’s Degree, where five are required to hold a Lodge, and where, in the winding stairs, the five steps are referred to the orders of architecture and the human senses. In the Third Degree we find the reference to the five points of fellowship and their symbol, the five-pointed star.” The five-point star, or pentagram, is a powerful Occult Illuminati symbol as well, emblematic of the 5 “quintessential” sacred elements, and the demonic head of Baphomet. We see both the ancient pentagram, and the inverted Occult star, concealed in a promotional Russian music video, celebrating Sochi’s Olympic nomination in 2007. We see the stars 3 times, along with an ice brick wall, honoring the ancient Masonic Crafts:

sochithemesong sochithemesong2 sochithemesong3

All these images seem a bit odd, coming from Russia, due to its long history of Illuminati opposition. Nonetheless, monuments, churches and government buildings contain dozens of Masonic and Illuminati images in Russian major cities. Since the 18th century, Freemasonry has remained a preferred membership club for Russian elites, which makes it difficult for someone in the West to determine Russia’s position in the NWO. Putin stands as an anti-NWO, anti-Illuminati patriot, while he and Medvedev allegedly plot the opposite alongside TPTB. The topic is quite controversial, because Putin has been known to speak out against New World Order plans, and supposedly ousted the Illuminati from Russia. That all sounds extremely inspirational, but why do Western banks still own Russian finances and investments? Why do Putin and Medvedev consistently meet with the Illuminati war criminal Henry Kissinger? Why does the Russian economy suffer, as its major cities bask in foreign-endorsed splendor, but rural populations live in poverty? Maybe Putin is, in fact, taking small steps to redefine the totalitarian grasp of Illuminati G-7 and G-20 superpowers in the global economy. Or, he may be simply playing the “trickster” white rabbit role in the economic, political, and sociocultural global divide, deemed necessary for the NWO (and even maybe WWIII) to begin. “Follow the white rabbit”, right, Neo?

BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are seen as the Illuminati opposition, and as you may have heard, are moving closer to creating a new, conglomerated superpower of 5 nations. Independently, these countries are heavily reliant on foreign aid, due to their unstable infrastructure, corruption, etc. Together, however, BRICS may be able to create a rift in the Western-controlled global economy, to establish new policies, banks and economic partnerships. “The collective GDP of the four leading developing countries (the BRICs–Brazil, Russia, India, and China) is likely to match that of today’s leading Western nations by 2032. The World Bank predicts that the U.S. dollar will lose its global dominance by 2025 as the dollar, euro, and China’s renminbi become co-equals in a ‘multi-currency’ monetary system.” says Charles A. Kupchan in The Atlantic, while Reuters predict BRICS will be the leading global economies by 2050. Allegedly, the master plan is to destabilize the dollar, and overpower the USA and EU in the global marketplace. That should worry the West, as the unification of the “developing” world in financial and economic partnerships creates opposition to the EU, NAU, NATO, TTIP, TPP, CETA, NAFTA, GCC, ACTA and GATS plans for global domination. The question is, will all these existing international partnerships allow BRICS to succeed?

If they do, the world will physically be divided in the sacred Illuminati aspect of duality. Does this mean the NWO will be easier to execute? Would this global segregation cause both internal and multinational conflicts for participating nations? The Illuminati push for grand-scale depopulation; so, joining the Western world against 5 nations with massive populations, would aid their cause. One thing is certain, and it is that both the “Big Five” BRICS nations, as well as the other economically, financially, or politically allied countries, are all overrun by Freemasons and Illuminati members. China joined the globalist Illuminati in the 1970s, Brazil are supporters of the Illuminati Bolivarian Movement (after Simon Bolivar, who wanted a unified Hispanic South America), India is adopting Illuminati lifestyle and entertainment brainwashing schemes, while some South Africans claim Illuminati killed Nelson Mandela to make way for the NWO. Russia may, in fact, be urging the world to descend down the rabbit hole with them, in order to manifest the globalist regime. Therefore, regardless of which side of duality you’re on, they are all playing on the same team.

That being said, the infamous Olympic ring “glitch” of the Sochi opening ceremony might be charged with political slander and Illuminati messages. As I mentioned, to Freemasons, four is a perfect, sacred number; while the Illuminati use it as a number of foundation. The Rosicrucian interpretation for this is: “The number 4 is represented by the square. Four is not 4 times 1, but is a complete number in itself — firmness, a good foundation, the law, or ground, upon which to build strongly, permanently and uprightly.” Four to the Illuminati embodies the world, completion, repetition, cognition, realization of power, renewal, and instinctual knowledge. In the New World Order, 4 symbolizes an empire, as it is the number of systematic order and management. This year marks the 22nd Winter Olympics, which also conceals the 2 + 2 sum of 4.


Could it be that Russia is telling the rest of the world that they are ready to build, gain power, realize their potential and form a NWO empire? The red Olympic ring, which failed to open during the opening ceremony, represents America. This glitch was the most talked-about incident in social media circles, which gave Russia and TPTB the perfect exposure for the following message: “America will not succeed.” This symbolism is perfectly aligned with the BRICS plans for the dissolution of the dollar, in order for them to rise as dominant global superpowers. Many conspiracy theorists claim that the American Constitution and Bill of Rights, are major reasons for the delayed implementation of a one-world “new order” government. However, the gradual violation of these rights, along with America’s continuous failures to abide by their own Constitution, are slowly turning the population (and the world) against the US government. Anarchy, revolution, destabilization of government, financial and economic crises, and the dissolution of the dollar, are perfect opportunities for the formation of the North American Union, and the NAU’s alliance with NWO principles. The same can be said for the Middle Eastern countries (who either don’t belong to, or have issues within the Gulf Cooperation Council and League of Arab States), whose internal and international struggles will soon push them into political and economic unions, as well. Therefore, it is apparent that the deposition of current global superpowers is more than necessary for the rise of a New World Order. The Olympic ring message is not necessarily anti-American, but rather pro-globalist-Illuminati. The meaning behind the Olympic mascots, and the Olympic ring mishap, is one of reassurance that everything is going according to TPTB’s master plan.

Here is something else to consider from the XXII Winter Olympic Games. Athletes, who win gold on February 15th in Sochi, will be rewarded with gold medals made of Chelyabinsk meteor fragments, exactly one year after the meteor plunged into Chebarkul Lake in the Ural Mountains.


Notice all the angular diamond and pyramid-type structures in the medals’ design. This seems ritualistic in nature, and could harbor some mystical, rather than political elements. CBC‘s intro to the Sochi live broadcast features an image with multiple pyramids, formed into a sphere, which consequently explode into many shards. This fragmentation is very reminiscent of a meteoric impact, while the spheres also reference the subterranean metallic cauldrons in Yakutia, Siberia, at Uliuiu Cherkechekh, or the “Valley of Death.”



i35fd883df644dcb18fe15ad55a37518b_1 siberiancrater01 tunguska

Russia has been home to some of the biggest impact sites of meteors, asteroids, or other unidentified extraterrestrial bodies (like the Tunguska event and Patomskiy crater). Many of these craters are still mildly radioactive, such as the Valley of Death cauldrons/domes and the Chelyabinsk meteor underwater crash site. Is it possible, that CBC‘s images depict a connection between these mysterious cauldrons, meteor crashes, and radioactivity? Take a look at the 6-pointed star pyramidal formation behind the athletes’ heads. The gold pyramids are purposely reorganized, but do you not automatically see the radioactivity symbol, enclosed within a hexagram?

sochi2red-rothschild-hexagram sochi3Radioactivity_symbol

The hexagram is an incredibly old Masonic and Illuminati symbol, as well as an ancient representation of the mystical “as above, so below” principle, which still used in Occult practices today. Hexagrams are hidden in hundreds of Illuminati and Masonic structures, logos, and other images, like the US dollar bill, the Israeli Zionist flag, etc. The hexagram is an old Bavarian Illuminati symbol, as the Freemason Mayer Amschel Bauer changed his name to “Rothchild”, due to the six-pointed red shield (resembling a modified Star of David) on his door. In 1995, Dr. Kitty Little claimed the Rothchilds currently control 80% of the world’s uranium supplies, which gives them a monopoly over nuclear power. Are the CBC supporting the Rothchilds’ Illuminati dominion over nuclear power? Could this also be a message by TPTB that there is a pending nuclear war for Israel? Or is it simply a warning to unsuspecting viewers that the recent Fukushima disaster will fulfill Illuminati’s depopulation plans, due to radioactivity in the world’s oceans? Or are the nuclear hexagrams and pyramid sphere formations in CBC‘s intro, affirming that the Illuminati’s have answers about the radioactive craters and cauldrons in Russia?

Steve Jackson Games’ controversial Illuminati card game depicts two cards that both pertain to Russia and this year’s Olympics: the Meteor Strike and Combined Disasters cards.

tumblr_inline_miacnacicU1qz4rgp  illuminaticards

The diamond-shaped meteor can also be seen in the design aspects of CBC‘s Olympic coverage intro, as well as in the medals (which contain meteor fragments), while the Combined Disasters card suspiciously resembles the Sochi clock tower:

sh52dfd6c4 illuminaticards

Architectural aspects of Sochi’s clock tower are nearly identical to those of the falling tower in the Illuminati game card. The clock in the Combined Disasters card points to 11:11, another sacred Masonic and Illuminati number, which adds to 22. The XXII Olympic winter and summer games were both held in Russia: Moscow in 1980 and Sochi in 2014. So, what are all these messages telling us? Are these signs preparing us for something disastrous? A nuclear war, or WWIII? Nuclear war because of Israel? A terrorist attack, or natural disaster at the Olympics? The rise of Russia as an Illuminati superpower through BRICS? Another meteorite crash, or a reveal of the subterranean Siberian cauldrons? Maybe athletes, who receive medals with meteor shards, will aid in the Illuminati transhumanist agenda, by unknowingly altering their biochemistry, neurology, physiology and electromagnetism, through the space rock’s radioactive influence. These strange hidden symbols and disconcerting coincidences pose too many questions and cannot yet provide concrete answers. All of the above are very plausible outcomes of the covert warnings within this year’s Olympic broadcasts so far. Russia is sending a stern statement to the rest of the world that they are ready, able and willing to fulfill the New World Order. The earth’s athletes are joined in a Masonic competition of greatness to display the divinity of mankind, and TPTB see such events as the perfect opportunity, to carry out more sinister plans behind the scenes. The NWO may be much closer than it appears. People across the world are realizing that they live in fake democracies, even fake dictatorships, because rulers in power all have the same goals: total domination via subservience to the Illuminati and Masonic elite. Russia hosting the Olympics is no accident, and maybe the Western world should start paying attention to the development of Eastern future superpowers. Only time will tell what all this means, and I will be sure to update this post, if I come across more suspicious information during the Olympic festivities.

As always, please don’t hesitate to challenge any of the opinions within this post, think critically and draw your own conclusions. Keep your eyes and minds open!


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