Illuminati Symbolism at the XLVIII Super Bowl Halftime Show

Over the past couple of years, “conspiracy theorists” have seen their fair share of Illuminati symbolism, cleverly situated in the most-watched portion of the Super Bowl: the Halftime Show.

How could we forget Madonna’s 2012 Luciferian ritualistic performance? There was nothing quite like Isis and Anubis-inspired goddess outfits in the Satanic ritualistic colors of black, gold, red and white.  Madonna paraded her ceremonial garb around Masonic signs, all-seeing-eyes, pentagrams, and pyramids, all while gesturing Baphomet and Illuminati symbols. She evoked Satan in her performance by sliding through a human pyramid like a snake; as many people held up light sticks, which represent a salute to Lucifer in Illuminati rituals. Don’t forget that she “descended” on the giant webbed wings of the fallen angel. Madonna and Cee Lo Green embodied Freemasons in their portion of the show, while Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. resembled ancient Egyptian or Mesopotamian warrior goddess/guardian figures. The entire 13-minute performance was littered with signs of the Occult, as well as with incredibly obvious Masonic symbols, and Illuminati MK Ultra/Monarch programming. The Patriots represented brainwashed Illuminati warriors of New World Order programming, while the Giants exemplified the Illuminati bloodlines as “Nephilim” fallen angels.

Madonna-Super-Bowl-Entrance-wings madonna-illuminati-super-bowl-xlvi-nicki-minaj-m.i.a.-2012--666 article-0-119AB1C8000005DC-0_964x647Madonna-Super-Bowl-Baphomet

How about last year’s Halftime Show? Beyonce channeled her alter-ego Sasha Fierce in her ironic 13-minute “Lights Out” performance, and shamelessly threw up Jay Z’s H.O.V.A. pyramid signs. She replicated a sinister, fiery trinity with Destiny’s Child, and referenced esoteric goddesses with multiple arms. She strut her famous stuff on a stage, which honored the Illuminati’s sacred Gemini duality and Monarch mind control programming. This duality was also perpetuated by the Harbaugh twin brothers, who coincidentally coached the two rival teams. The 49ers numbers add up to 13, and the Raven is a famous harbinger of death, magic, and good versus evil duality in folklore around the globe. Half the stadium (yet another duality programming message) went dark for 33 minutes and 33 seconds, on February 3rd, during the 3rd quarter on 3rd down and 13. The game resumed at 9:11 pm, and the players lined back up with 13:13 minutes to go. The Mercedes-Benz logo (which carries multiple connotations of Occult knowledge, presented by the modified use of a Pagan Triquetra) remained a star of Bethlehem-like symbol, presiding over the lighted half of the stadium. Not to mention that Mercedes-Benz had promised an “exciting fourth quarter” and urged readers to “set your soul free” in a magazine ad, where the number 13 was set ablaze. Remember their Super Bowl commercial? Starring Willem Dafoe as the Devil? You get the idea… I’ll discuss this year’s Super Bowl ads in my next post.

super-bowl-2013-beyonce-diamond-sign-650-430.jpg w=510160619417-10-jpg_024605  article-0-1710678B000005DC-81_638x479 artworks-000053893285-7654lq-originalThe Superdome is darkened during a power outage in the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game in New Orleanswillem-dafoe_toppick_crop

I would like to emphasize that the following discussion is not partial to theology, and does not affirm the existence of a Christian God and Devil. My intention is to analyze whether Illuminati and Luciferian symbolism are interconnected, and how their messages infiltrate popular media. The presence of Masonic and Illuminati signs is difficult to ignore at the Super Bowl, yet, the increasing prevalence of Satanic nuances should be addressed. That being said, it is a little-known fact that February 2nd marks the important Pagan holiday of Imbolc, and celebrates the Satanic ritual of Candlemass. Candlemass constitutes Lucifer’s illumination of the world — through the ceremonial lighting of candles from Baphomet’s torch — and opens a new breeding season for domestic and wild animals. Candlemass also observes the mass initiation of new Illuminati coveners, who would subsequently be put through series of allegiance tests; allowing only for the successful recruits to receive bountiful rewards for their servitude. What better way to initiate new members, than to have them compete for allegiance at a ceremonial sporting event like the Super Bowl? Therefore, the ritual is accompanied by animal, or human sacrifice; as it belongs to 1 of 4 sacred meeting days (Sabbats) with Lucifer. In my previous post about the Grammy Awards, I wrote about the strange coincidences between major award ceremonies, and Occult Sabbats. Queen Latifah patriotically ushered the commencement of this year’s Super Bowl by performing “America the Beautiful”; furthermore, she married 33 couples during a performance with Madonna at the Grammy’s on January 26th (another Satanic Sabbat). Keeping to the promise of a Candlemass sacrifice, Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his apartment at around 11am on Sunday, due to a suspected accidental drug overdose. The last public appearance he made was on January 19th at the Sundance Film Festival, which — along with the Producers Guild Awards — marks the beginning of the 6 days of preparation for the sacrificial Sabbat of Da Muer (January 26th). Another string of deaths to consider, are the apparent suicides of prominent bankers Mike Dueker, William Broeksmit, and Gabriel Magee, 2 of whom died on Sunday, and 1 this Tuesday. The suspicious passings of the allegedly troubled actor and these 3 banking professionals, add to a long list of celebrity and government officials’ deaths; which are all speculated to be Illuminati sacrifices for the perpetration of more sinister plans.

The XLVIII Super Bowl set a television audience record of 111.5 million viewers this past Sunday, February 2nd, 2014. What a perfect opportunity for the Powers that Be, to insert a plethora of subtle symbols and messages within the broadcast! What an immense following of hundreds of millions — most of whom have been intoxicated and incapacitated for several hours — perfectly susceptible to subliminal manipulation from advertisements and music.

Compared to the above-mentioned Halftime Shows, this year’s Super Bowl performance by Bruno Mars appears innocent, fun and spectacular. At a closer look, many covert Illuminati symbols emerge from their “entertainment” disguise, and reveal a number of easily-overlooked messages.

The show begins with a dozen children, linked in arms, singing the chorus of Bruno Mars’ song “Billionaire.” The entire song is a metaphor for the fame, fortune and success that the music industry will provide, as long as a musician “sells his soul.” The children chant: “Every time I close my eyes / I see my name in shining lights / A different city every night / Oh, I, I swear / The world better prepare…” which remains consistent with Luciferian practices of ego elevation, desire visualization and illumination, or enlightenment. The words “prepare” flash on the screen in bold, red letters, and are momentarily interrupted by TV static. As I mentioned in my previous post, the color red is one of the primary ritualistic colors in Satanism. It represents sex, blood, sacrifice, and the element of fire. Meanwhile, in Monarch mind control, the color red coincides with violent, angry, sexually-abused self-destructive programming. Television static is a crucial MK Ultra and Monarch method for the transmission and reception of subliminal audio and visual messages. The significance of 12 children on stage carries Masonic undertones, as the number 12 is sacred in many esoteric belief systems (12 signs of the zodiac, 12 Egyptian months, 12 tribes of Israel and High Priest breast plate stones, 12 disciples of Jesus, Buddha, Osiris, Quetzalcoatl, etc.). The number 12 to Freemasons represents the Twelve Grand Points of Masonry, which is used as the foundation for lectures and 12 initiation rituals in obtaining their Craft Degrees. Therefore, the opening scenes of this performance prime the audience for Bruno Mars, while triggering their susceptibility to the multitude of Illuminati and Masonic messages yet to come.


The stadium is flooded with blue and red lights, which represent army and abuse programming; as well as the invocation of Satan’s blue spirit through the red of fire. Bruno Mars appears perched on a drum set, bearing his mother’s name. Her sudden death last year is speculated to be the ultimate sacrifice of a beloved family member, in order for a celebrity to complete their pact with the Illuminati industry; thus, gaining extreme fame and fortune. Feel free to research the long list of actors, musicians, and celebrities, who have lost someone dear to them, prior to achieving greatness in the all-seeing eye of world media. Mars opens with his song “Locked Out of Heaven”, which is believed to be sympathy for the Devil. His lyrics “Your sex takes me to Paradise”, followed by “I’ve been locked out of Heaven for too long” are indicative of using sexual black magic to return to Heaven, after Lucifer’s fall to earth. Bruno Mars is dressed in gold like Madonna, in honor of Osiris and Lucifer, and represents the trauma, upon which Monarch programming can be built. He is then surrounded by pyramids, which spin clockwise to transmit and receive energy, praising this ancient natural motion.

brunomars2 brunomars3

An upright pyramid is the alchemical symbol for fire and the masculine, while an inverted one stands for water and the feminine. The perpetual clockwise motion of this black Illuminati symbol references the “as above, so below” Occult principle of witching. Notice that his stage is a pyramid, and he is surrounded by two projectors that resemble the upturned 6 and 6 on a pair of dice. This combination adds to 12 (the sacred Masonic number) and is normally used in Luciferian subliminal programming to conceal the more ominous 66.

brunomars4 brunomars5

Bruno Mars’ stage undergoes a series of metamorphoses, as the black pyramid witching portal is replaced by a hyper-speed vortex of stars, which represents his (or Lucifer’s) ascension into the netherworld. He evokes sinister messages in his lyrics once again, as he sings: “You’re my golden star / Make my wish come true / Let me treasure you” which speaks about the golden pentagram. This sacred Occult and arcane symbol permeates all aspects of our culture, and can be found in numerous emblems of power: the Sheriff star, military medals, and so forth. Lest we omit that the name Bruno means shield, or armor; and Mars is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god of war, Ares. Symbolically, Mars is associated with supreme masculinity, the element of fire, and the process of illumination, maintained by the fiery stage set below. Fire is also indicative of Hell, as at this point in the performance, Bruno Mars has metaphorically descended into the underworld.


He proceeds to enchant his audience by singing: “Run away baby / Before I put my spell on you / You better get away darling / ‘Cause everything you heard is true.” Could he be personifying a demonic force from Hell, urging his followers to either comply or run? He says: “I ain’t trying to hurt you baby / Just want to work you baby” which would be a reassuring means of mind and energy control for his susceptible public.


The Illuminati Monarch duality is performed here yet again, with a mausoleum-like white structure behind Bruno Mars’ silhouette. This particular segment carries Masonic messages, and once again honors ancient Egyptian sun-worship, as it is a popular speculation that Freemasonry originated in ancient Egypt. The structure on stage references the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, the “holiest of holy” queens of Egypt’s 18th dynasty. Notice the 18 beams of light over the mausoleum? The 18th dynasty was ruled by many mysterious pharaohs other than Hatshepsut, such as Amenhotem, Tuthmose, and subsequently by infamous figures like Tutankhamun, Ankhenaten, and Nefertiti, who founded the sun-worshiping cult of Amun-Ra. Hatshepsut’s Temple is dedicated to Amun-Ra, and due to its astronomical alignment also illuminates the statues of Osiris and Amun-Ra (both of whom are usually hailed in gold). Coincidentally, 18 was worn by most Denver Broncos fans, because it’s quarterback Peyton Manning’s number.

Mars proclaims: “Give it away now!” and introduces the Red Hot Chili Peppers on stage, who are all dressed in the ritualistic Luciferian colors of black, red and white. The song “Give it Away” is from the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ famous album “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” which perpetuates the Occult, sexual tone of this performance (particularly in the Luciferian spelling of the word “magik”). Upon watching Anthony Kedis chant: “Give it away now / What I’ve got you’ve got to get it put it in you, etc.” I couldn’t help but notice his strange leggings. I discovered that they’re designed by Jeremy Scott, and are called “Delete History Screen Saver”…


Excuse the tiny photo, but a larger resolution is easy to find online, if you’d like to analyze the designs yourself. These “meggings” or “man-leggings” are littered with images of aliens, modified cherubs, chat conversations with eerie creatures; a U.F.O. driver’s license from Area 51, and a cartoon image of Michael Jackson seemingly trapped in a browser window. The phrase “real life sucks” exemplifies Internet mania and the need to escape reality through the pursuit of something paranormal. What struck me the most wasn’t the Michael Jackson mockery, but rather the cursor icon… It holds up an extended index finger, saluting Satan, and prominently features the all-seeing eye in its center. This solidifies the idea that the Illuminati agents of surveillance are always watching you, despite your attempt to conceal your “conspiracy theory” searches with images of peace and love.

At the end of his performance, Bruno Mars sings “Amazing” and inserts clips of soldiers’ greetings to their families and loved ones from abroad. David Zirin from the Dissident Voice wrote a great article about the militarization of the Super Bowl; as well as the problem behind encouraging military service via subliminal messages, like the ones seen in Bruno Mars’ performance. Considering Bruno Mars’ militarized alias, I was not surprised to see an army tribute during his performance.


What fascinated me, was his circular podium, reminiscent of the witching circle that Taylor Swift and Lorde were enclosed in during the Grammy’s. The lights in the audience go from blue, to red, to rainbow-colored, which are all symbolic of the invocation of Lucifer or his demons. Madonna’s performance also featured the use of these light sticks to salute Lucifer, as he is worshiped as the fallen angel of enlightenment. The color blue normally signals the appearance of Lucifer, or one of his demons, while red induces lust, anger, and violence. A rainbow is often described as a bridge of light, connecting Lucifer to the tangible world; thus, allowing him to materialize. All these signs and salutes to Satanic rituals are celebrated with an impressive fireworks display over the stadium, during the climax of this performance.

To summarize, since antiquity, sports have been sacred sacrificial rites, involving the bloodshed of winners or losers, to appease the gods. Once the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans saw how important sporting spectacles were — in sedating and distracting the public from the reality of their daily lives, or from the corruption of their governments — sports became primary sources of entertainment for the all classes of ancient society. Athletic displays of superiority, masculinity, combat, and perseverance today, serve the same purpose, as they did thousands of years ago. That being said, major sporting events like the Super Bowl provide the ideal platform for subliminal brainwashing on a global scale. Despite Bruno Mars’ seemingly tame Halftime Show performance, he depicted many Illuminati, Masonic, and Occult symbols, which are becoming increasingly more audacious and obvious to the public. His Monarch programming, the essence of his stage name, as well as his lyrics, all carry profound esoteric undertones. He pays homage to Occult practices, by sustaining the clandestine Illuminati agenda, and disguising it as mindless entertainment for bewitched, brainwashed viewers.

The important question is, why are these performances becoming so blatant and apparent? Do the Powers that Be want more people to awaken and arise, so they can single-handedly destroy all potential revolutionaries, prior to the New World Order? It would seem that anyone, who rejects this zombified system has become an automatic target already, so what can we do to change it? How can we discourage these Illuminati puppets from infiltrating our minds, or the vulnerable brains of our children? The only thing I can assert, is: do not be afraid. You are not alone. You are not going crazy. You are simply waking up.


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  1. Thank you for the amazing explanation without making it some weird religious Christian thing. I am very interested in understanding this symbolism and the purpose it has on mass culture – but have not found an avenue that can do so without making it some crazy apocalyptic anti-christ thing.

    1. Thank you, Rhona. I was quite concerned that I would sound like an “apocalyptic anti-christ” crazy person too haha… So, I’m very relieved to read your comment. If you come across any interesting analyses, or symbols, please don’t hesitate to share! I will do my best to update these posts, once I gather more relevant information.

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